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At Border Geo-Science we provide a range of services in the field of natural resources from mineral exploration to groundwater abstraction.

Border Geo-Science offers a range of consultancy services to the mineral exploration and extraction industries, tailored to the individual client requirements. This spans a wide range of operations including precious metals, industrial minerals, hard rock, and sand & gravel extraction. The services we offer include:

Initial Desk Studies     This includes collation of all available data derived form national organisation, Statutory Authorities, including modern and historical maps, relevant workings plans and reports, drilling records, previous studies and data sources, such as stream sediment sampling records and geochemical analyses, within and outwith the public domain. Analysis of the location and interpretation of old workings. Impact and initial resource assessments.

Exploration and Reserve Assessment     Field evaluation and exploration including mapping and sampling. Planning, supervision and logging of drilling and pitting programmes (to standard BS 5930). Interpretation and evaluation of test results to establish the characteristics and quality of the mineral. Feasibility study and reserve assessment.

Planning and Statutory Requirements    Geological advice and recommendations in preparation of planning and EIA submissions. Liaison with SEPA, Mineral Planning Authorities, Local Authorities, Crown Agents and other statutory and non-statutory stakeholders.

Geo-Reports    The most common request we receive is for a comprehensive, factual report that provides an assessment of the potential for groundwater abstraction. Our standard Geo-Report describes the geology  specific to your site and surrounding area and its hydro-geology. The report includes searches and a description of borehole and water well records within the area of interest, and finally an evaluation of potential success and yield. Each is carefully researched by a member of our team rather than being culled from databases. We feel that this approach provides an effective value for money product that is comprehensible to both client and drilling company. 

We provide an Expert Witness service in the field of mineral resources, development and extraction.