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This section is under construction at present

This section is under construction at present

Border Geo-Science provides professional high quality and impartial geological advice .

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is now obligatory for most renewable energy projects not requiring a formal Environmental Statement, and an analyssis of  potential effects upon the geo-diversity is now becomming a requirement.

The use of an experienced independent consultancy in the feasibility assessment, survey, and project design brings impartiality to the development process. Thus the quality of the environmental statement is enhanced and generally improves the likelihood for the granting of planning consent. At Border Geo-Science we aim to provide profesional avice to either the clients in-house team or turnkey consultants, to highlight any potential geological, minerals and geo-hazard issues that might impact the feasibility of a project or might be potential problems at a later stage. In this way the client achieves an overarching assessment for the planned development, its impact and the geo-value of sites.

Project Scoping and Development
At Border Geo-Science we undertake pre-scoping consultations with the statutory consultees and interest groups, and provide geological input to scoping reports. This provides potential developers with information about key site issues and mitigations to be addressed during environmental assessment. Our role at Border Geo-Science is to provide expert specialist geological input for the production of the client's Environmental Statement. We specialise in the contribution of Phase 1 assessment, geological and geo-diversity impact audits and mitigation sections to environmental statements.

Mitigation and Monitoring
We consider all impacts and mitigations. Planning authorities sometimes require monitoring studies to be undertaken for wind farms, for example on issues such as peat slide. In these circumstance we can provide a 'call back' service.

Peer Review
We undertake scrutiny reviews of geological and hydro-geological content of scoping studies and EIA's to ensure that the developer has been provided with expert advice and information. This safeguards the professionalism of both the in-house team and sourcing contractors before placing documents within the public domain. This ensures both value for money for the developer and re-assurance of presenting correct data to both planning authorities and public enquiries.

Geodiversity is an important component of the UK's natural heritage. It is fundamental to the understanding of geological history, landscape development, the impact of natural hazards, and the formation of its mineral resources.The geodiversity in the UK has made an important contribution also to understanding Earth processes worldwide. Geodiversity complements and underpins the biodiversity of our landscape (the understanding of floral and faunal communities), and is important in the understanding of our cultural, historical and social identity. Rocks and minerals provide the raw materials for building and energy production and are essential to the development of industry in this country. Population movement throughout history has been partly a consequence of its geodiversity. An understanding of past climates, obtained through the study of geodiversity can help prepare for and predict future changes.

At Border Geo-Science we provide an expertise in auditing and stablishing the geo-value based on experience and the ability to collate all available baseline sources of information. Such sources  include national organisations such as the British Geological Survey and Scottish Natural Heritage, together with local RIGS groups, academic instituts, individual experts, geological societies and published sources both within and ouwith the public domain. From this a survey programme can be established to provide an up to date audit of local geo-diversity as a pre-requisite to developing either a Local Geo-Diversity Action Plan (LGAP) or company Geo-Diversity Action Plan (cGAP).

This section is currently under construction.

This section is currently under construction.